• rednp130
    Posted at 01:17h, 05 October

    Hi Kristina a totally beautiful set.The setting and photos are awesome.Very nice photo work by David,great composition.sharp color.10 stars 2 thumbs up and a 100% rating.You and the outdoors are prefect together.Your friend Mike.

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 19:58h, 05 October

      Hi Mike, how it’s going?
      Thank you so much for this great rating, so happy to hear you like the set.
      Yeah, outdoor shoots are always somehow more fresh πŸ˜€
      Have a great day.

  • puck68
    Posted at 18:33h, 05 October

    Hi, Kristina… Mike is right… your outdoor shoots are my favorites, and this is a great set. Also, thank you for making a few of the shots “safe for work.” I already have 2 favorites from this shoot as the background on my new iPhone. How do you keep getting more beautiful and sexier shoot after shoot? Can’t wait for part 2! Thanks! – Paul (Puck68)

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 19:35h, 05 October

      Hello Paul. how are you? Hope everything is fine ?
      Thanks a lot for the great comment.
      Wow, new Iphone, lucky you. Which one is it actually? I lost a track of it somehow πŸ˜€ ?Which shots did you choose as favourites if I may ask?
      Honestly I tried a new makeup technique which I was not so happy about, so I was really curious about reactions. So I’m really happy you think it looks still good πŸ˜€
      Wish you a great day.

      • puck68
        Posted at 18:54h, 08 October

        Hi, Kristina… I’m doing great! Very busy. And hot… it’s still 30 degrees C here in Florida. I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max… I take a lot of quick pictures and videos for my work, and it has a great camera. I really like the new makeup, whatever you’re doing that’s different. The favorites I have on my phone are 6 and 30… anything that shows your dimple is going to be a favorite of mine. You have a great day, too! πŸ™‚ – Paul (Puck68)

        • Melisa Mendini
          Posted at 02:51h, 11 October

          Hi Paul, I guess being busy is better than being bored, right? πŸ™‚
          Nice temperature over there in Florida, I wish we had the same in Belgium instead of constant rain :/
          Wow, I’m totally unable to follow all the Iphones coming up, it’s so fast πŸ˜€ So you are happy with it?
          Oh a dimple pictures, that’s cure.
          Have a lovely day Paul.

  • Superjet701
    Posted at 22:20h, 05 October

    So glad i joined!

  • 123kris
    Posted at 10:30h, 06 October

    Fantastic set, the location looks amazing. Very sexy and chilled out, looking forward to seeing the rest of the set. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Kris x

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 23:11h, 07 October

      Hello Kris, thanks a lot for your comment.
      The weekend was ok, honestly I don’t see a difference between weekend and week days πŸ™‚
      How was your weekend?

      • 123kris
        Posted at 18:18h, 09 October

        I can imagine visiting these beautiful places you can easy lose track of time and what day it is. I had a nice relaxing weekend thanks, I was shopping for some new clothes. I am going to the south of spain for a holiday in 2 weeks so I am very much looking forward to it. Kris x

        • Melisa Mendini
          Posted at 02:45h, 11 October

          Wow, you was shopping for a new clothes and you call it a good weekend? It sounds like a dream spend a weekend with shopping. I’m just surprised as nearly all men I know, hates shopping.
          That’s great to hear you are going for holidays, Spain is very nice πŸ™‚ I’m sure you will enjoy it.

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