Tony, Keith… I agree completely. Very well said.

David, unfortunately, you’ve made matters worse by promising information… and then not following through. It seems like MMG is just not a priority for you both anymore. I’m honestly having a hard time deciding whether to renew (at the maximum, 6-month recurring rate), or just take a break and maybe come back in a year or so. I don’t want to leave and it is not meant to be a threat, but I believe we have an agreement: I keep paying, and you both keep the website updated and interesting and fun. Can we return to that?

Kristina, if you’re going to spend time interacting with fans on MFC, let us know. I’ll buy tokens and watch and support you there. If you choose OnlyFans, I’ll subscribe again there. I want to continue to see great new content from my favorite internet model, but I’m not “feeling the love” right now. And it’s weird, because “Turquoise Makes Me Naughty” and “Riding Dick” are two of the best videos I’ve ever seen you do! (Obviously, you and David are still committed to delivering top-quality content.) If you’re going to be spending time and shooting for ITC, that’s OK… I’ll be a member there and follow you that way.

I’m just surprised that the website with your name on it isn’t getting the personal Melisa/Kristina touch that keeps your fans loyal.