Melisa Mendini

Hello Oliver, thank you very much for your contribution here on the forum.

I’m very glad that you like my video Dildo Time.

Dildo videos are always alone, because that’s how I like it. I’m sorry but I won’t be doing any hardcore gg videos. I understand your preferences, but I want to enjoy my work for this website and not to be pushing myself to do something I do not like to do.

Yes, you are right, I’m shy to speak english in front of the camera, because my english is not that good and it makes me feel sometimes uncomfortable to be searching for words. Or not knowing how to explain something with my basic vocabulary.

I’m erotic model, not a pornstar, that should be an answer to your question, why I don’t do hardcore videos with man. It does not mean, that if other models are doing bg scenes, that I have to be doing it too. Everyone has a choice and this is my choice.

Have a nice evening.