I just started being a member recently, and just got to go into the forum to see this thread. It was a bit daunting to say the least to start.

I want to make this short, given the already amount of talk considering.

First, I want to thank Melisa (Kristina) and her staff for the amazing work that she and those who work well and close with her have done. As a model and content releaser, the content I have been able to see from her has been the best I have seen from anyone, and it is why she has been my favorite of all.

I’d like to say in simple, that even though I highly regard her content, would no doubt have joined her website previously had I known of all the websites attached to her before: Melisa (Kristina) is a human being and a person. What other models do and who they are are their own persons. Each person has the right to their own privacy and thus, is none of anyone else’s business.
I, like many of you, have been deep fans of actors, or models, that we hold in high places. I very much understand. To see things wane, to have that personal connection with someone like Melisa (Kristina) and suddenly feel that change. It makes me realize my own talks with personal friends in my own life, that much as it would no doubt be amazing to have someone like Melisa (Kristina) as a personal friend, I don’t know anything about her in real life. More so, that is none of my business. I enjoy her content, like I’ve said it is my favorite content out of any.

I merely here want to settle this. Her life is her business. Understandably as well, fans have taken advantage. We here are no doubt aware of content on various websites involving models and content releasers that have found way onto said websites such as pornhub, etc. For the longest I have watched and saw content for free, I am not innocent of this, and neither are many. I want Melisa (Kristina) to know I have paid for membership here, before I read the forum, for Platinum for 6 months and on Only fans for 1 month. I want you to know because I know you are angry and I want you to know you have people who truly will support you. You have those who have lied, who deceive, and I understand you are hurt and angry.

This life of Melisa (Kristina) belongs to her. I can’t say I know her, like I said, but I imagine her career is one she likes, and making money off of a career she likes is something everyone should seek for.

Underneath it all, we owe you an apology Ms. Melisa (Kristina). I dearly thank you for the work you have done, and I am truly sorry for what has been done in response to your love of your fans. I truly thank you for that joy you put into your work. Whatever happens, whatever hard times. Please, do not let it ever be extinguished. It is the most beautiful part of you and I think the trait that has brought me to your work out of all.

Apologies, I didn’t adhere to what I said on keeping it short. Dear Paul and Melisa (Kristina), whatever needs doing, whatever is decided, fans here I dare say I think out of those who have truly loved being fans of Melisa (Kristina), honestly saying it that way as I don’t want to seem to personal, we are on your side. I say to those who have used Melisa (Kristina)’s work against her wishes, change your ways or do not come back.

No reply needed to this, just a statement. Thank you for your time. Hug to Ms/Miss Melisa (Kristina), she really has been my all time favorite ever since I first found her name. She is too awesome!!