Just read this entire thread and found it to be very educational about the site and about the both of you. I’ve only been a member for a few months now but have been a big fan for many years. I first saw Melisa on photodromm many years ago as a member and then ITC. To me she is by FAR the prettiest sexiest model on the internet who never ages and remains all natural. Personally I love the softer sets and videos. Especially when in jeans or something teasing and just walking around and being casual. I/m probably different than most but I’m not a big fan of the hardcore masturbation scenes (although I did love the glass shower scene) especially if I think that she doesn’t really prefer to do them. So I agree with some other comments on this thread that I don’t believe every shoot has to be at an exotic location and over the top in the way of an expensive set. Personally I joined this site when I saw the walking in the woods and the hayfield previews. Any location with Melisa in it instantly becomes an “exotic” location to me even a hayfield. So I’m not sure if this helps or if you guys will ever even read it but as for me I’m very happy with my membership and will continue as long as you guys continue to updated within reason (even if it’s quick videos from a cell phone) and can manage it financially. I hope you continue producing new material for many years and that things start going much better for you in the near future!