Hello all,

personally, I agree with Kynxs/Marks excellent written comment 100%.

In the past I’ve seen several discussions when a model/performer/pornstar got a boobjob for example. There are very well done boobjobs I have to admit and girls who are totally happy with it. But there are also boobjobs with scars all over the place, and many girls did it because of “the porn industry” and they think they will make more money with it but they are not happy about the result. Things like that.

There are always people who like the change, people who don’t like it, people who like both, people who like this a bit more than that and vice versa. You just can’t make everyone happy, no matter what 😉

But as other members already said, it is not important what others think or like more. It is your body and your decision.

Apart from that, I have no helpful information about the actual bleaching thingy, but I would assume there might be different kinds of bleachings? Like very soft to strong bleaching… similar to small boobjob and big boobjob?

Have a great weekend everyone!!